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Lab Story
Lab Story
Digital Only
1. Nuset
2. Shizknit
3. Manastash
4. 2S
5. Simple Plan
6. Nishiogi Girl
7. Bladerun
8. Spirit
9. Hawaii SETI
10. Suburb Flow

Serph, the trickster of electronic music, will be releasing his new album in four years under his alias Reliq on June 25th, 2021.

Last year, Serph produced an official Disney music cover album, and this April, he trended on Twitter after his live performance at “Secret Sky 2021”, an online music festival hosted by Porter Robinson. While attracting much global attention, Serph has completed his fourth album in four years under his alias, Reliq.

Serph’s trademark is his colorful and dreamy music, whereas Reliq’s style is more personal, urban, and conceptual. In this album, Reliq presents an overly romantic and sweet Future Hip Hop that traverses edgy electronica, jazz, classical music, and R&B, while keeping the analog warmth of sampling-based track making as the keynote.

Please enjoy Lab Story, the urban magic created in the lonely laboratory of Reliq. It will invite you to nostalgia and philosophical contemplation in the future.

The link to DL stores and streaming services is here.

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