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Level Apple
Level Apple
7 inch analog record
$15 (within tax)
side A
feather (overdrive version)

side AA
missing (finally found version)

Last year we exceeded our fundraising goal through crowdfunding and production could begin on analog records Serph’s representative tracks.

Serph has rearranged and reworked 4 tracks that are extremely popular with fans and that Serph himself acknowledges as representing his style. The illustrator Ai Kohno has drawn 2 matching surreal cover art pieces for the records which are entitled “Level Apple” and “Level Orange”.

This is “Level Apple” which contains updated versions of “feather” and “missing”. Please enjoy these more sophisticated, freshly appealing representative tracks of Serph.

Only 500 copies of each will be printed, so they are exclusively rare releases. The records contain download codes for the digital versions of the tracks, so they can be listened to even without a record player. Enjoy “Level Apple” along with “Level Orange” as a set. (The details for record “Level Orange”, on sale at the same time, can be found here.)

[specification of this record]
7 inch
full color cover
color vinyl
download code of digital versions of the tracks
limited 500 copies

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