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$23 (within tax)
1. dionys
2. quetzalca
3. lucy far
4. nauhea
5. orfeus
6. nirva
7. sanjelm
8. neo faust
9. masaqado
10. eliksa
11. veiv
[noble online shop exclusive] The DL code for Serph’s unreleased track  

Serph, The trickster of the electronic music world, will release his new album “nirva” which revolves around the theme; "An Information Life Form created through Cybernetic Alchemy", on 22nd April 2022.

In 2021, Serph performed in the online music festival hosted by Porter Robinson, "Secret Sky 2021". His latest e.p. "Psychic Music", released in November 2021, entered Apple Music's Top Album charts for Electronic music in more than 10 countries around the world, coming in at No.1 in Japan. All eyes are on his unique talent—and he is poised to reach new heights with the sound he brings on “nirva”.

90's Hip Hop and Dance Music are at the base of this album, yet “nirva” refuses to be trapped within the restrictions of grids and the BPM and flourish well beyond and outside the box—bringing together the elements of Turntablism, R&B, Modern Dancehall, World Music, Glitch, Dub, Religious Music etc... crossing over the borders between genres and weaving them into a luscious, experimental mixture of Pop music.

Always the oldest, yet ever-advancing, this is the one and only Transcendental Pop. Ride the waves of dopamine and beyond.

Feel the aftermath of Singularity that has already happened in the future.


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