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Atmosphere -Serph Progressive Remixes-
Atmosphere -Serph Progressive Remixes-
$22 (within tax)
1. Jubilee (Serph Remix)
2. magic (Serph Remix)
3. eve (Serph Remix)
4. Unicorn (Serph Remix)
5. Drop (Serph Remix)
6. Rising (Serph Remix)
7. cosmos (Serph Remix)
8. Atlas (Serph Remix)
9. Canvas (Serph Remix)
10. Avalon (Serph Remix)

An accidental but inevitable collaboration; Serph freely remixes the musical pieces of the female duo, amiinA.

amiinA, a female duo consisting of ami and miyu, continues to expand the world of their imaginary paradise Avalon through their musical pieces that goes beyond genres such as post-rock, electronica, UK and nordic sound, and also through the oustanding performance of the two girls with completely different types. Serph, the mysterious trickster of electronic music has also continued to portray the “utopia of sound” and catch his fan’s heart through his light-filled fantastic musical pieces that integrate various musical genres with his own golden rule.
Though their field and style are different, the encounter between these two artists who push their way through the pathless path towards their own utopia may have been something inevitable.

This works is a remix album in which Serph, the alchemist, reconstructs ten selected songs from the repertoire of amiinA. Using only amiinA’s vocal material from the original album, all tracks are created from scratch. This is another side of Avalon that Serph presents; the powerful and positive lyrics and melody of amiinA’s songs are complemented by fantastic pop and tracks filled with dynamic beats.

amiinA and Serph; through the encounter of two sets of personalities with a definite worldview, a life-shining, fresh, juvenile pop album has been born.

This CD will come with the DL code of the instrumental version of the album.

[amiinA Biography]
Formed in 2012. Released three singles as amiina. Changed their name and logo to amiinA in May 2016, with miyu as its new member.
Released their 2nd album Discovery in December, 2018, inviting various artists such as Serph, Sou Matsumoto from GOING UNDER GROUND, Eichi Kogure from the band apart and Shoji Ikenaga from Arakajime Kimerareta Koibito Tachi E as composers and arrangers. A new color was added to their distinctive worldview.
All eight of their self-organized event, WonderTraveller!!!, have sold out and attracted attention as a music event beyond genre due to the participation of various bands.
Their first solo concert held in May 2018 at SHIBUYA WWWX also sold out.
Their second solo concert will be held on February 1st, 2018 at Akasaka BLITZ.

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