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$22 (within tax)
1. seven nights circus
2. time leaper
3. glitter
4. dream ocean
5. fouk
6. love transmitter
7. lost kids
8. like a little bird
9. light
10. lover’s rock
11. neondrive
* with two N-qia's unreleased tracks as hi-res WAV or mp3 exclusively for noble online shop.  

Serph + Nozomi = N-qia. They will release a new full-length album for the first time in four years under Noble on 15.12.2017.

N-qia is a musical project founded by Serph, the “trickster of the electronic music world” and a female vocalist Nozomi. Since their 1st album release in 2011, N-qia has presented numerous tracks from netlabels around the world; in November 2013, they released their first physical, 2nd album Fringe Popcical from Virgin Babylon Records. (Incidentally, Serph concealed his identity as N-qia until the announcement of their 2nd album.)
The fantastic spectacle projected by Serph’s colorful, dreamy track and Nozomi’s transparent voice fascinated music fans all over the world. Canadian female artist Grimes praised and described their music as “Yasutaka Nakata + Cocteau Twins + Paprika (*animated film)”.

The two have sublimed their uniqueness into something even more “pop” in this 3rd full album fantasica that will be released for the first time in four years. Based on the concept of mapping their sound in the center of a triangle constructed by “alternative, electronic and pop”, Serph’s fresh, cute arrangement and Nozomi’s clear, high-pitched voice increased its purity and expressiveness. What is portrayed here is a Ghibli movie-like pellucid, fantastic setting; an exciting tale of adventure and love. The highroad to fantasy that N-qia will take.

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