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$13 (within tax)
1. ame
2. yoru
3. hane
4. musou
5. heya

Floating adrift on the sea of the internet with his dreamy, vocaloid electronic music, the standard bearer of the Online Underground, mus.hiba, has completed his new EP.

Using SoundCloud as a base, mus.hiba, the bedroom dreamer, crosses borders connecting, collaborating and remixing together with artists from all nations. First released last December by Noble, his first full album “White Girl” feat. virtual singer Yufu Sekka was subsequently released on cassette tape in the US by Orange Milk Records and a remix album was released by Zoom Lens. As an album symbolizing the Online Underground movement, “White Girl” has received intense attention from around the world.

In his 5 track new EP “hitoe”, he has finely polished his unique sound. His trademark dreamy electronic sound infused with a touch of minimalism and chic, creates an introspective and calm impression throughout the entire work. The highlight of the work, the last track “heya” invites us to a world of daydreams with Yufu Sekka’s languidly whispered poetic verse.

The theme of the work is play alone. In this upcoming season as you spend time in your room, please enjoy mus.hiba’s new EP “hitoe”.


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