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el esperanka
el esperanka
$23 (within tax)
1. twiste
2. magicalpath
3. session
4. vesta
5. parade
6. shift
7. ankh
8. wizardmix
9. felixz
10. curve
11. vitt
12. rem
13. crystalize

Beyond utopia. Two years since introducing the world to his utopia of sound in his previous album, “Heartstrings”; Serph, the wizard of electronic music has finally completed his new album, one that paints the scenery beyond utopia, a new horizon discovered at the end of daily musical experimentation.

Serph is a unique artist who suddenly appeared onto the music scene, wrapped in a veil of mystery never appearing in live performances. His past two albums recorded phenomenal sales, suddenly making him the darling of electronic music. Despite this success, his creative juices have kept on flowing as proven through his new project Reliq which focuses exclusively on edgier dance music along with the simultaneous release of the Serph Christmas mini album. The new album, “el esperanka” is Serph’s fourth album, the first album in two years since announcing his third album “Heartstrings” in spring 2011.

A spectrum of musical elements including jazz, techno, classical, film music, and progressive rock are incorporated together to create beautiful melody and harmony; unfolding organically one after the other in a single track. This original style which has become Serph’s signature style shines brighter in this album, bringing greater depth and fantasy to his dreamy fairytale world. The result is an ever-free, bright and positive album which gives audiences a small peek into yet another side of Serph’ untypical world waiting to be discovered.

The album title, “el esperanka” is a term coined from “esperanca”, Spanish for “hope.” This is Serph’s story of “new hope” beyond utopia. Album “el esperanka” is a soundtrack that stirs imaginations, an album dedicated to the dreamers in this world.


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