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TOKYO SONATA Original Soundtrack
kazumasa hashimoto
TOKYO SONATA Original Soundtrack
$25 (within tax)
1. Main Theme A
2. Shissou
3. Kokkyou
4. Unten take1
5. Unten take2
6. Nami
7. Main Theme B
8. Clair de Lune(Performed by Sonosuke Takao)
9. Asa
10. Ryuhei no Mezame
11. Kaigyaku
12. Ansoku
13. Ryushi
14. Daini no Ansoku
15. Tori no Yume
16. Tokuni Mieru Hikari
17. Okina Jyuryoku
18. Suimin
19. Yasashii Koe
20. Ending
21. Echo, Echo
22. Clair de Lune (Arranged by kazumasa hashimoto)

- They were supposed to be leading a normal life. But something crept unexpectedly into their lives and turned this family into one of disharmony. Will there be a day when this family can ring in harmony again?-

“TOKYO SONATA” is a film portraying the typical family of modern day Japan and is an exploration into a new genre for world renowned director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. The widely acclaimed film which received the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2008 Cannes International Film Festival is also the first film score created by artist kazumasa hashimoto and noble is proud to announce the release of its original soundtrack.

The minimal but heartwarming harmony created by the mellotron, piano, guitar and noise synchronizes brilliantly with the film to bring more strength to the world of Kurosawa. In addition to the film scores that brought colorful impression to the film, the album includes many unreleased pieces written for the film as well as a cover song of “clair de lune” by Claude Debussy, an artist much respected by hashimoto and a piece that can also be heard in parts of the film. It is a soundtrack and a kazumasa hashimoto original album that can be enjoyed by hashimoto fans and movie fans alike.

As the title “TOKYO SONATA” indicates, music plays a central role in the film and kazumasa hashimoto took on this challenge with solid respect. The result is a collection of lean music that preserves the raw essence and core of the melody which help to guide the film to perfection, a monumental piece that celebrates the artist’s entry into new horizons as a composer of film music.


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