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Tenniscoats & Secai
Tenniscoats & Secai
Tenniscoats & Secai
$25 (within tax)
1. Melt Horn
2. 2 o'clock
3. Tengu
4. Turn
5. Svenska
6. Dasbon
7. Nanatsuno
8. Yukino
9. Flower Little Honey Well
10. Touch on

Almost 6 years since the mini-album “The Ending Theme”, Tenniscoats are introducing their work once again through noble label.

Tenniscoats is the Tokyo duo of Saya and Ueno Takashi and friends. The open stance of this duo as seen through their ‘majikick’ label and their rainbow of collaborations with artists has won the hearts of passionate fans the world wide. Last year saw sequential release of Tenniscoats music, “Totemo Aimasho” from Australia’s Room40 and “Tan-Tan Therapy” from Sweden’s Hapna. Now, they have welcomed “Secai”, a duo formed by friends of majikick, Daisuke Namiki a.k.a. NSD and Takeshi Hiruma a.k.a. DASMAN. Together with their partners of creation, the artists have completed “Tenniscoats & Secai” a collaboration album finished after nearly 2 years of patient brewing.

Most of the pieces for this album were created through sessions with the recording, composition, and songwriting added along the way. In addition to the abstract track making which is a signature of Secai work, NSD works together with Saya to create almost half of the lyrics, and DASMAN sings in the chorus and plays bass for an album which unleashes the creative energy of both artists. Combined with Saya’s mixing and song writing and Ueno Takashi’s poetic playing and inspirations, this album is an original piece of work that highlights the talents of each artist in an organic mixture of sound.

Though covered with a fluffy and obscure sound image, the album gives an impression of a crystal world with unlimited clarity. This world is filled with Saya’s innocent voice, magical melody, and deep lyrics. The visionary music which portrays the fine line between dream and reality will lure listeners into another world. Here, you will find music of freedom and beauty that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.


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