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kazumasa hashimoto
$25 (within tax)
1. Count My Sheep
2. Lonesome Girl
3. Euphoriam
4. Velvet 36
5. Londo
6. Vagrantones
7. Ballad
8. White Butterflies
9. Endless
10. Perhaps I Never Meet You
11. Goodbye Miss Wiggie

noble, the label that brings “music for everyday life” will top off 2007 with the new album “Euphorium” by the magical alchemist of sound, kazumasa hashimoto. This will be the first album since hashimoto’s previous album released 1 year and 9 months ago.

With a delicate combination of academic musical theory and unrivaled creativity, kazumasa hashimoto has been applauded all over the world for the deep and warm music like a “blissful honeymoon between classic and electronic music.” The newest album “tiny people singing over the rainbow”, by label mate Gutevolk and produced by hashimoto is also a piece of work that is showered with the magical talent of the artist. hashimoto also enchanted the crowd from around the world in June in Barcelona at Europe’s largest electronic music and multi-media art festival, the sonar festival.

In the new album titled “Euphorium”, hashimoto plays and produces most of the instruments in the album from the piano, guitar, bass to drums accompanied by several guest artists playing violin and cello. The new album features more vocal tracks including M-5, featuring Gutevolk. The pop melodies and the elegant and sophisticated arrangement of the tracks create a beautiful and breathtaking harmony that blend magically to create a kaleidoscope of sound.

A sorcery of sound will lure listeners into a world of dreams. The newest album “Euphorium” skillfully portrays undeniable happiness and the shadows that lurk behind that paradise to prove that artist kazumasa hashimoto, has stepped beyond borders of electronica and soft rock to create a new universal monument of pop music that is new yet nostalgic at the same time.


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