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The Ending Theme
The Ending Theme
$17 (within tax)
1. in my blood river
2. red haired eric
3. mou mou rainbow
4. horses
5. castaneda
6. the sky is inhaling the smoke
7. in the sun
8. the ending theme

The third releasing product of noble would be the "tenniscoats". The band is constructed by two members, Saya and Takashi Ueno, and they are the owner of the majikick label (known as producing the band "PukapukaBrians" and other bands). In addition, they are the support member of the "maher shalal hash baz".
The new releasing product, for the first time in three years, is the album recorded by the members performed in their live concert throughout a year. The pastoral and purely melody, solitary atmosphere and Saya's sweet and innocent voice lead the listenners to the world of nostargia. It somehow makes us to think of the bands such as "mum" and "SIGUR ROS". Such Iceland-ish sounds leave us the impact not only the merhentic but also the deep strong stoicism based on the powerful sincerity towards music.
The permanentality that only the good music have got and the magic to make people move are the things that only the good music have got. The "tenniscoats" is one of a few extraordinary bands playing good music.

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