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poca luce, poco lontatno
nakaban + Atsuko Hatano
poca luce, poco lontatno
$25 (within tax)
0. introduction
1. stone
2. tree
3. water

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This work from nakaban represents noble's first release from a film artist. nakaban is noted primarily for his art books and illustrations. He started making films a few years ago as an extension of his painting activity, his fascination and love for music bringing him many chances to meet musicians such as takeo toyama and Atsuko Hatano.

His memorable first work for noble, "poca luce, poco lontano", is a collaboration with Atsuko Hatano who works with mama!milk, EGO-WRAPPIN' and world's end girlfriend. This project explores the relationship between music and paintings.

The materials for "poca luce, poco lontano" include of painting methods from graffiti to tableau, diorama, water surface, tree flicker, films of Tokyo, Portugal, Morocco, old books of paintings, Polaroid films, mirrors, bottles, soil, cellophane and more. The project represents over four years of artistic discovery.

Accompanied by Hatano's cello, violin, piano and noise and natural sound effects, her music finely vibrates with the film sometimes suggestive, sometimes wild and other times serene beauty. Total sound engineering from Hiromits Shoji from Tsuki no Wa and Natsume flawlessly connects the many and varied aspects of this work.

One slightly bended line. Layers of colors. Magic of light and sound swaying and glowing being weaved into three stories. This is a new art animation with a mysterious richness that makes you want to watch again and again like you open your favorite book of paintings.


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