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Serph & D D MOUSE
$15 (within tax)
1. Serph & D D MOUSE / Rainman
2. Serph & D D MOUSE / Ladyland
3. D D MOUSE / be yourself (Serph be higherself mix)
4. Serph / sparkle (D D MOUSE ൱ mix)
5. D D MOUSE / Newtowϲ̡
6. Serph / spica

Serph and D D MOUSE, Japans two top world-renowned Pop Electronic artists will be releasing a special collaborative EP, DREAMNAUTS.

A dream collaboration by Serph, an artist who weaves a melody of farewell and D D MOUSE, who changes the melody into a happy ending. It is a logbook by Dreamnauts, explorers of the world of dreams, interwoven with colorful watercolor paints that blur into line drawings and beats as powerful as the heartbeat of a giant, keeping the flapping melodies from flying away.

In addition to the collaborative single Rainman that has been released digitally in advance, a new collaborative track Ladylandwill be included. Furthermore, remixes of each others songs, a rare unpublished track and a rearranged version of poplar track will also be included.

The artwork is by illustrator Ai Khono.

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