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Shohei Amimori
$22 (within tax)
1. Climb Downhill 1
2. Decadent Utopia
3. Now Forever
4. ReCircle
5. ajabollamente
6. Climb Downhill 2
7. Biennale
8. Coincidental Planet
9. Washer
10. Fence of Bats
11. Pata
*a remix CD by Marihiko Hara, Itsuki Doi and Cryogenic Rhythm Science is included exclusively for our online shop customers.  

Noble will be releasing Shohei Amimori’s new album PATA MUSIC on November 21, 2018.

While having an academic background, Shohei Amimori is a composer that takes part in various scenes from pop music to contemporary art. Between his various activities such as exhibitions of two sound installations, presentation of orchestral works in the contemporary music scene and participating in the music production of television programs, Amimori finished his new album for the first time in two years since his previous release of SONASILE.

Approaching from various angles the “abstractness of music itself”, this album’s concept is a bold hypothesis that “music does not yet exist ≈ imaginary music ≈ PATA MUSIC”. Compared to his previous work which had a strong electronic taste, his challenging new album intentionally eliminates unity and direction; it is a collection of straightforward pop rock music sung by himself, cinematic music that incorporates string quartets and experimental music that uses pitch circularity and phase transformation. Decadent utopia, a track written for the contemporary art exhibition Impurity / Immunity held at Tokyo Arts and Space in 2017 is also included.

In addition, as a limited-edition bonus, a remix CD by Marihiko Hara, Itsuki Doi, and Cryogenic Rhythm Science (an electronic music unit by Shun Owada and Shohei Amimori) is included exclusively for Noble-label online shop customers.

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