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$23 (within tax)
1. first train home
2. coil
3. sparkle
4. airflow
5. nightfall
6. folky
7. ignition
8. artifakt
9. traveller
10. weather
11. popp
12. sunset
13. phosphorus
* with an exclusive bonus CD includes Serph's unreleased tracks.  

The ultimate destination of Serph, the trickster of electronic music. Dedicated to the stars of the road movie called life, his new album “Aerialist” has been completed.

With his identity and profile wrapped in a veil of mystery, this unusual musician burst into the music scene like a mutant species. Serph’s representative work “vent”, released in 2010, recorded a phenomenal sales of over 20,000 copies as instrumental electronic music. Thence, he released a greatest hits album, planetarium program OST and has been continuously creating music along with his side projects. Now, under the name of Serph, he will be releasing a new original album for the first time in 3 years.

Unlike his soulful latest work “Hyperion Suites” that focused on jazz and hiphop, this album is a layer of light, speedy beats such as jungle/drum-n-bass and “Serph-signature” nostalgic melodies played by beautiful piano and charming electronic sounds. Combined with delays and reverb-heavy acoustics, this album full of ultimate transparency and euphoria has become one of the most radiant albums in Serph history.

The concept of this work is “a soundtrack for a aerial road movie”. Thrillingly and positively, Serph demonstrated his fascination to the fullest by portraying the gratitude and sentiment born through this journey of life. This work is the ultimate destination of Serph, the acrobat of sound that easily goes beyond the borders of genre and charms his listeners. This album is dedicated to those who journey through this road movie of life.


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