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Life Prismic
Life Prismic
$22 (within tax)
1. glass'nbeads
2. ceramic samba
3. laputan
4. morocco drive
5. vast air
6. rain no more
7. cold shuffle
8. antic stepper
9. voynich soundscript
10. always alone
11. angel costs
12. creamer
13. miyako
* with a bonus CD includes Reliq's unreleased tracks exclusive for noble webshop.  

Serph, the trickster of electronic music world, will release a new album under his alter ego Reliq, his first in 3 years under that name.

In contract to the utopian dream-like quality of Serph’s creations, Reliq’s are edgier dance oriented works, and in this, his 3rd album, “Life Prismic”, he has drastically shifted his style. Music condensed from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and many other regions with their kaleidoscope of rhythmical patterns and uniquely creative arrangements give the tracks a feeling borderlessness and diversity even more than before. Experimental, resounding with a melodious pop atmosphere, it is a journey around a parallel world, a production of extremely multifaceted mystical sound.

Decorating the cover of this album are worked by Doze Green, one of the legends of the graffiti art world. Diverse lifeforms and their memories weave together exuding an illumination that best matches the polychromatic glittering contents of this album.

A blend of exoticism and sophistication, an isolation frontier of modern fusion. A puzzling trans-dimensional look into his inner mind. Please enjoy this step into yet another unknown pristine territory, Reliq’s new achievement “Life Prismic”.


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