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PLANET of DOLPHINS Original Soundtrack
PLANET of DOLPHINS Original Soundtrack
$20 (within tax)
1. ballad in the dawn
2. sweet beach
3. pola
4. panorama song
5. aerial drive
6. tomorrow
7. smiley swimmer
8. baby is crying
9. melty hours
10. lab you tender
11. polastar

Serph, the trickster of the electronic music world, will release his first ever soundtrack album.

Serph has produced all the tracks for Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten’s new planetarium program “Planet of Dolphins”, which opens on September 10th. This album includes the full score of the program.

It is a story of dolphins and stars woven together with elements of Greek mythology. To accompany the healing nature of the story, Serph has kept the score simple, without superfluous decoration, bringing out the minimalistic beauty of the tracks and creating a very pure album.The tender detailed sound of the piano, acoustic guitar, chimes and string instruments are mixed with a space electronic atmosphere. The music is full of elegant romanticism matched with moving melodies and ambient sounds, which only Serph can produce.

All ten tracks used in the program plus one bonus track for a total of eleven tracks are included on the album, 46 minutes of cosmic romance. Along with the soundtrack of the story, Serph focused on creating an ambient, new age sound for this original must hear album. best listening while gazing at the stars.


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