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$15 (within tax)
1. cave
2. TEA
3. map
4. bagpipe
5. king
6. conga
7. a farm and the universe
* with a bonus track "Indonesia" as hi-res WAV & mp3 exclusive for noble webshop.  

We are pleased to be able to release the new works of Sonotanotanpenz, a girls°« duo by Hitomi Itamura and Hitomi Moriwaki.

Formed in Fukuoka in 2012, Sonotanotanpenz has continued their activities in a unique style; their musical performances wearing masks, using pictures and words are somewhat like a fusion of music and drama. In the past, the duo has performed in numerous art events such as °»Shibukaru Matsuri°… and °»Koganecho Bazaar°…, and are gaining prominence in various scenes such as music, art and fashion.

Their previous and first major album °»13°… was like an early-years greatest hits album in which selected past works were re-recorded, but this upcoming mini album will be Sonotanotanpenz°«s next move and also a new beginning. The two have no eagerness; as always, they will create their one and only world at their own pace.

Two acoustic guitars and a rhythm machine-cum-keyboard. Add a little bit of percussion to that. That°«s it. A minimal ensemble that rejects any unnecessary adornment, a unique vocal duet that cannot be described as a song, a rap, a recitation or a prayer. Choices of words that are odd yet comfortable to the ear. Finally, a melody and harmony that catches your heart. Folk? Avant pop? Lo-Fi? Industrial? Art Punk? Hip-hop? Or is it Kagura (ancient Shinto music)? All, but at the same time, none of these; a sound production too ingenious. In their upcoming work, °»Conga°…, Sonotanotanpenz°«s unique individuality has become even sharper and exceedingly pop. In this compact work with seven tracks, the duo°«s alternative charm is overflowing. The fertile and slightly crooked world that spreads out in front of the two Hitomi°«s eyes - One you touch it, your heart will have the jumps!


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