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$21 (within tax)
1. Passiflora
2. Passepied
3. Präparat
4. Insect collecting
5. Zaubertheater
6. Fancy witch
7. Lesson
8. Parade
9. Atelier
10. owl

It is my pleasure to be able to present together the works of Babi, the female musician so brimful of talent and creativity.

Babi began learning the piano at age 2 and professional composing at age 5 for a duration of six years. She began composing work with a multi-track recording during her years at a music college.

In 2011, Babi created her own label “Uffufucucu”, and released her first album “Roku-shoku no tategami to rizumikaru (literally, Six-colored mane and rhythmical)”. The intricate mixture of classical music, toy pop and electropop can be described as “lovely, spicy, toybox-like sounds and a dreamy view of the world”. The renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto has praised her work.

Babi continued to compose her own work as well as a wide variety of client works such as commercial music. Her forthcoming album is the first in two years, and is a label collaboration between Uffufucucu and Noble.

As has been the case in previous works, Babi has written the lyrics and music as well as done the arranging, programming and singing. A unique characteristic of this work is that she had invited performers to record acoustic instruments such as the saxophone, clarinet, fagotto, violin, viola and cello.

Several of the songs are mixed and mastered by Toyoaki Mishima, a renowned Cornelius sound programmer. Babi’s well-grounded academic background and free style of creativity have fused to generate an even more colorful musical composition full of vibrancy, beautiful harmony and a pop-and-magical melody, as well as melancholic songs with subtle ambiguities and sorrow that have not been seen in previous works. The spectrum of expressions has become more colorful than ever before.

A colorful and vivacious orchestra performed by birds and insects of all beautiful colors, along with blooming and smiling flowers. A free and charming chamber pop full of liveliness, stimulating the listeners’ “senses of wonder”. Delve into the blooming talent and creativity of Babi with her second album, “Botanical”.


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