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The Illuminated Nightingale
Motoomi Doi
The Illuminated Nightingale
$21 (within tax)
1. Dark Night
2. The Eye of Night has Opened
3. Oscar
4. Cafard
5. Sally
6. Auf Wiedersehen
7. Bicycle Rhapsody
8. Hatena
9. Nightingale
10. Predawn

We are proud to introduce a new talent, Motoomi Doi. This June, we will be releasing the label’s first album by a male singer song writer.

Doi, a singer song writer based in Osaka, has released two independent albums to date. “N-N-N” announced in 2010 was a “free distribution” (versus the now-popular “free download”) where users who sent request by email to Doi’s website received an album by post at a later date (no longer available.) This unique presentation method along with the high quality of its musical content brought Doi into the spotlight mainly by word-of-mouth on the Internet.

Following the release of these independent albums is what Doi himself claims as his “first official album.” “The Illuminated Nightingale” is an album based on the concept of “night”, portraying an entire evening from dusk to dawn. Each track reveals many faces from swingy pop tunes, electro-pop scattered with soft electro sounds and beats, solemn waltzes to simple song. This colorful collection of music is a strong reflection of the artist’s extraordinary talents as an arranger and melody maker. Added to that are the sorrow, solitude, anxiety, joy, and peace expressed through his delicate and neutral high-tone voice combined with a lyrical world of light and darkness which elevates Doi’s unique presence to one of a whole new level.

We go in and out of dream and wander through a world where fantasy (buoyancy) and reality (gravitation) co-exist. Where will this path take us and what kind of view will we see from this place where night calls out its end.
Melodies of rare beauty carry a trying but beautiful story of “night” woven by darkness and light. Enjoy “The Illuminated Nightingale” by Motoomi Doi.


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