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Winter Alchemy
Winter Alchemy
$18 (within tax)
1. noel
2. straat
3. twinkler
4. alchemy
6. lumina
7. above

Surprise release. Christmas Mini Album by Serph.

noble has recently decided on simultaneous release of Seph’s Christmas mini album “Winter Alchemy” to accompany the first ever album release by “Reliq”, his alter-ego.

The mini album includes “noel”, a track distributed free for 10 limited days last year as a Christmas gift from Serph as well as 7 other dreamy pop tracks that take listeners to a winter wonderland. Every tune is mystical, romantic, ever so unique…creating a treasure chest of winter anthems bursting with Serph style. The jacket has been designed by illustrator Ai Kohno also behind other Serph albums such as “vent” and “Heartstrings.”

A winter fantasy brought to you by the alchemist of sound. Enjoy these Christmas songs of electronic sound and magic as you flip through your advent calendar full of holiday spirit.


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