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midori hirano
$23 (within tax)
1. Terra
2. Faceless Angel
3. Feathers
4. Null
5. Out
6. Transition
7. Sora
8. Caracole
9. Cells That Smell Sounds
10. Solar Eclipse

The intricate fusion of the piano, strings, and electronics created a structural beauty reminiscent of chamber music in her first album “LushRush.” The album founded upon her musical sophistication foretold a new generation of music and was best illustrated by listeners as “post classical.” Almost two years since then, noble is happy to once again release an album by midori hirano in her 2nd album, “klo;yuri”.

After graduating from university with a major in classic piano, midori hirano started creating music with the help of her computer. Her participation in compilations by overseas labels and EP releases led to the release of her first album from noble record in September 2006. Her musical activities spread its wings throughout the world through remix and collaboration with fellow artists and creating music for European and Asian movies. This February, midori hirano became the only Japanese to be invited in the composer category of the “Berlinale Talent Campus”, a program for aspiring young film makers hosted by the Berlin International Film Festival.

Her latest album has removed many of the live instruments seen in her first album and is replaced by electronic sounds, improvisations and field recordings. midori’s murmuring vocal heard only in a few of the songs in her previous album are back again in almost half of the tracks with a slightly stronger voice in comparison to the last. The artist worked alone on almost everything from the composition to remix in her previous album. This time, Hiromits Shoji of soundworm has taken on the mix and mastering to bring tenfolds of depth and strength to the album with his unique musical structuring.

The tingling excitement of improvisation and the spiritual melody like sacred music…the fragile but thoughtful voice and suggestive lyrics like an ancient European…midori hirano’s new album is a woven fabric of originality that proves the artistic maturation of the artist and her sounds with its deep stoicism and uncompromised beauty is awaiting for you to enter its labyrinth of sound.

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