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midori hirano
$20 (within tax)
1. lush rush
2. ancient story in the room
3. calling
4. secret aria
5. night wish
6. inori
7. another root
8. dim
9. leaving

We are happy to announce that our new artist Midori Hirano has released her memorable debut album “LushRush” as Noble’s 13th release. This spirited newcomer started playing piano at an early age. Majoring in classical piano at university, in 2003 she started composing with computers and samplers. She controls all aspects of her productions, from composing and recording to sampling and mixing.

Her first work was released by a label in Luxemburg, and was accompanied by live performances in Europe in 2004. Residing in Kyoto, her music has reached outside of Japan, appearing on compilations for labels in France, the US and Canada. Taking over two years to develop, "LushRush" includes collaborations with musicians such as Toshiko Kageyama (tico moon), acoustic guitar, and Atsuko Hatano, cello and violin. This work represents the first collaborations of Midori Hirano's career.

In "LushRush", her piano and string melodies are deeply influenced by classical and chamber music from her academic music background. Electronic effects, noise and field recording sounds and her own whispering ephemeral vocals create a cinematic world which gives you a feeling of floating and mystery, as if you were moving between the real and the imaginary.

Enjoy her unique and mysterious world in which subtlety and verve, feminine fullness and dignified valiance, yin and yang, sanity and insanity coexist. This is certainly her signature aesthetic.


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