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dream's end come true
world's end girlfriend
dream's end come true
$20 (within tax)
1. singing under the rainbow
2. caroling hellwalker
3. all imperfect love song
4. wonderland falling tomorrow

World's end girlfriend, a new generation musician, made an unprecedented hit gathering fans of noise, post rock, abastract and electronica music with the release of their first album °»farewell kingdom°…. It was the first release from the label noble, which is based on the concept of °»music for daily life°… in 2001 and began to show his talent. In June of 2002, he participated in Sonar 2002 in Barcelona, Europe's largest electronic music and multi-media art festival, and continues to jump national and genre fences with this 3rd album. A year from the last release, this album takes a further step from the last one which featured a lot of string instruments such as cello and violins. This four track album includes world's end girlfriend's longest piece to date (over 25 minutes) °∆all imperfect love song' featuring Tavito Nanao on vocals. Please enjoy the too beautiful and ephermal, radical fantasy.

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