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farewell kingdom
world's end girlfriend
farewell kingdom
$25 (within tax)
1. yes
2. call past rain
3. daydream loveletter
4. halfmoon girl
5. fragile fireworks
6. fifteen white
7. you
8. onepiece

This is the first release from the noblelabel that was started with the concept of “music for daily life”. Jumping over the fences of nationality and genre, this is the 2nd album and turning point from new generation musicians world's end girlfriend, which fascinates many fans worldwide. This is a monumental album shifting dramatically from the first album released from Yoshihiro Hanno's currentlabel which was overflowing with mischievous electronic compositions, by the effective use of cello and violin to create a story and unique musical style. Track 2 features vocals by Piana who is known by various releases from cubic musicand happy. Enjoy the twisted fantasy made through beautiful string arrangements and over the top editing.

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