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Der Meteor
Der Meteor
$25 (within tax)
0. opening
1. Anfang der Reise
2. Altes Haus
3. Frucht der Sterne
4. Noch einer Weg
5. Die Dunkelheit
6. Meteor des Todes
7. Der Koffer
8. Ende der Reise

* sold out  

April 2007, nakaban, the first film creator from noble records released the animation DVD, “poca luce, poco lontatno.” Today, we are happy to announce a new animation piece by the gifted artist, his first piece after approximately two years entitled, “Der Meteor” or “comet” in German.

Known mainly for his paintings, nakaban is an artist also with a successful career as a picture book artist and illustrator. nakaban started exploring the world of film as an extension of his painting career and completed “poca luce, poco lontatno” after approximately four years of editing work. While making “poca luce, poco lontatno”, nakaban also started the creation of another animation piece which he self produced in 2004 (entered in the worldtronics media arts festival in Berlin in 2007.) The fundamental elements of this story were preserved and remade completely over a two year term to create, “Der Meteor.”

Like the original version, the music of “DerMeteor” is produced by takeo toyama, known for his solo work (whose several album jackets have been created by nakaban) and also for guest appearances with artists such as SAKEROCK and EGO-WRAPPIN’. Based on classic and contemporary music, toyama’s music weaves a beautiful ensemble through a combination of acoustic instruments such as the piano, marimba, organ, and cello. The sometimes earthy and warm sounds which at other times transform into beautiful minimal succeed in highlighting the nakaban world, making it stronger, and ever more attractive.

The story takes place in an imaginary medieval mixed modern world where the vegetation is a lush green, nature is abundant and the celestial body evolves a bit faster than here on planet Earth. It is a story of a boy in blue, who follows an endless journey in pursuit of a comet. The several hundred background pictures newly created for this remake introduce an intriguing combination of colors and a unique texture as if the pictures are covered by a thin veil. It has the beauty of tranquil light and the terror of dark shadows that suggest the coming of the end. The surrealistic and beautiful sceneries that go back and forth between dream and reality under this starry night are a perfect reflection of nakaban’s delicate aesthetics. Welcome to the mysterious journey of the comet and the light and dark.


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