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Yasushi Yoshida

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Born November 1978 in Osaka
Writes, produces and performs music focusing on piano and guitar arrangements.
Not content with working solely within the music scene, Yasushi Yoshida has contributed material to areas as diverse as theatre and visual arts. Collaborations include Yoko Higashino's solo dance performance [ERROR CORD///pcsh404slhq] and Oi-SCALE theatre company's "Michigaere Sekai".
On the live end, he has  performed with many established local as well as international artists such as Nagisa nite, Ramo Nakajima, kicell, piana, Pan American, Her Space Holiday and ARAB STRAP.


2006 : Secret Figure (noble)
2008 : Little Grace (noble) 
2010 : Grateful Goodbye (noble)


2006:"We are all cotton hearted" (mu-nest) ...inc. Individual Regression
2006:"RUFS" (Fenetre) ...inc. little hands
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