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photography: Ooki Jingu

Tokyo based unit of Saya (vocal, keyboard) and Ueno Takashi (guitar, sax) and an assortment of artist friends. Tenniscoats has released 2 mini-albums and 3 full albums up to this time.
They have collaborated with artists such as “The Pastels” from Scotland and Sweden’s “Tape”. The duo has performed at the Tryptich Festival (Scotland), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), and toured in overseas countries including Europe, the United States, and Australia.
Past musical works include two 12” and one full album as the unit, “cacoy” with dj klock. Outside of the Tenniscoats, Saya tags with Kazumi Nikaido in the duo, “Nikasoup & Sayasource”. Ueno Takashi has released 6 solo pieces under the alias veno tagashi, Ueno, and etc.
Tenniscoats established their original label “majikick” in 1995 and has sought out and produced many unique artists through their sure eye for talent.


1999:The Theme of Tenniscoats (majikick)
2002:The Ending Theme (MIDI Creative / noble)
2004:we are everyone (rover / majikick)
2007:Totemo Aimasho (room40)
2007:Tan-Tan Therapy (Hapna)
2008:Tenniscoats & Secai (noble)
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