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Praezisa Rapid 3000

Praezisa Rapid 3000 is the moniker of three long experienced musicians that teamed up to explore a new world of positive and genre ignoring sound.
First not finding a place for their music to release, they decided to found their own Vinyl Label "Doumen Records". 2 Praezisa Ep's were released on Doumen, both of them have received rave reviews from the press, including Vice magazine and Groove magazine. This happened without any promotion at all.
Afterwords they started out their concert career with opening up for musicians like Mt. Kimbie, Eskmo, Untold, Cloud Boat, they were even playing a Boiler Room concert and a slot at the fabulous Fusion Festival.
In 2012, they released their first full album "314159265" on Noble as CD, and on Doumen Records as vinyl later.
In November 2014, they are going to release their new EP "Detroit/Mumbai" on Doumen Records, and its CD version which includes some reworks by Ras G, Serph, etc, is also scheduled to be released on Noble.


2010:Mandy sagt, das ist Naturmusik (Doumen)
2011:Doebeln/Detroit (Doumen)
2012:314159265 (noble/Doumen)
2014:Miami/Mumbai (noble/Doumen)
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