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Natsume bagan as a duo of Fuminosuke (vocals/guitar) and Hiromitsu Shoji
(electronics) from Tsuki No Wa. Their activity includes frequent live
performances in bars and cafes. The activity of Natsume was paused for a
while when Shoji formally joined Tsuki No Wa on the release of its first
album titled NINTH ELEGY. Before long Natsume restarted as a four-piece band
with new members, Potoratch(sitar/percussion)and Munehiro Yamada(guitar)
Natsume often collaborated with so called electronica Argentina; they
performed together with Juana Molina on his Japan tour and Shoji, Yamada and
Potoratch contributed to a remix album of Fernando Kabusacki.
As the fourth noble featuring artist, they released their debut album
Marakesi no Hana on April 10, 2003.
Fuminosuke stretched his area of musical activity to participate in the
albums of such artists as calm and RASA (pseudonymous project by bayaka) as
a guest vocalist.


2003:Marakesi no Hana (MIDI Creative / noble)
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