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Eclectic electronic Duo by Nozomi (vocal) & Takma aka Serph (programming) from Tokyo.


2011:qia songs (La bèl netlabel) *EP
2011:Kaleidoscope (KUGK musique) *1st album
2011:Sweet Sequence (MiMi record)  *EP
2012:Haze EP (Pharmacom Record)  *EP
2012:daybreak (elementperspective)  *EP
2012:Audio Illustrations (Bunkai-Kei records)  *EP
2013:Fringe Popcical (Virgin Babylon Records) *2nd album
2014:Super trump (Kraftoptical Recordings)  *EP
2017:fantasica (noble)  *3rd album


2011:ArtLism Vol.3 (ArtLism.JP) ...inc. birdseye
2011:hope2.0 (elementperspective) ...inc. exit
2011:ArtLism Vol.4 (ArtLism.JP) ...inc. unclockworks
2012:2011. 0311. 1446 (elementperspective) ...inc. exit_bloody_mix
2012:elements turned into dust, beautifully shine again (elementperspective) ...inc. shade you
2012:yuzame collection #1 (yuzame label) ...inc. dim
2012:La bèl’s friends (La bèl netlabel) ...inc. Saudade
2012:Run Over By An Elevator (Bearsuit Records) ...inc. managemente
2012:Summerscape Compilation (Bunkai-Kei records) ...inc. summer stream
2012:hope3.0 (elementperspective) ...inc. shake
2013:Audiokult Edition 06 (Audiokult) ...inc. Forlorn Day
2013:Consciousness Dr. (elementperspective) ...inc. two
2013:peak silence 1st Anniversary (peak silence) ...inc. truestereo
2014:EPV NAVIES - VOLTAGE CIRCLE (elementperspective) ...inc. shady- dub
2014:EPV WHITES - TALKIE (elementperspective) ...inc. nico
2014:lost in thought (fusz) ...inc. thought
2015:ONE MINUTE OLDER (Virgin Babylon Records) ...inc. tamashee
2015:La bèl pop (La bèl netlabel) ...inc. Wheel Of Time
2015:Tomato Sauce Lasers, Sausage Lassos (La bèl netlabel) ...inc. Antics In A Maze
2016:Have You Ever Dreamt About Us? Compilation (Future Disorder) ...inc. Amnesia


2011 : Gouthy “3rd" (Acustronica) ...inc. hippyhouse remix (N-qia remix)
2012 : Valance Drakes "Fallen Innocence" (Bunkai-Kei records) ...inc. phantom in the cloud (N-qia remix)
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