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Motoomi Doi

A singer song writer based in Osaka.

Doi has released two independent albums to date. “N-N-N” announced in 2010 was a “free distribution” (versus the now-popular “free download”) where users who sent request by email to Doi’s website received an album by post at a later date (no longer available.) This unique presentation method along with the high quality of its musical content brought Doi into the spotlight mainly by word-of-mouth on the Internet.

In June 2013, Doi released what Doi himself claims as his first official album, “The Illuminated Nightingale.”
In December 2015, Doi released his new digital EP “Bonyari Baby EP”.
In March 2018, Doi will release his new album “Hari No Nai Gabyo.”


2010:N-N-N (self release)
2011:Still Waiting for Spring (kore records)
2013:The Illuminated Nightingale (noble)
2015:Bonyari Baby EP (noble)
2018: Hari No Nai Gabyo (noble)
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