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Cinq is the solo project of Masaaki Takemura, born in Nagano, Japan.
He started playing the guitar when he was a junior high school student and
encountered Jazz at high school. As a college student, he performed in his
jazz combo at clubs in Kyoto. Later he got samplers and sequencers, when he
shifted his musical focus away from playing in the band to composing and
He participated in Harbest 2000 for the club king and a compilation album on
the ambient label Ryoondo-tea for which he scouted for new artists and
produced some albums. Also as a member of snoweffect which started under the
concept "music for tea space", he released a full album and made commercial
Cinq released his first album Sketch as the nobleユs second artist on April
25, 2002. The serene texture of the sound in the album was highly praised as
a "tapestry of electronic sounds".
His second album, Day Off, was released on August 25, 2004. Kazumi nikaidoh
and dj klock contributed to the album.
Besides his music activity, he has a Doctor of Science degree and works as a
researcher in biotechnology.


2000:spillover ep. (Ryoondo-tea)
2001:sugamo beach (MIDI Creative / noble) ※split 12"
2002:Sketch (MIDI Creative / noble)
2004:DAY OFF (MIDI Creative / noble)


2000:Garden Path (Ryoondo-tea)...inc. spillover
2003:WATER GREEN (Ryoondo-tea) ...inc. pale blue


2000:Harvest 2000 (CLUB KING) ....inc. spillover
2001:snoweffect "Desktop Caffeine"(Ryoondo-tea)
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