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Shohei Amimori

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Musician / Composer. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Composition. Earned a Masters degree from Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Music.

Shohei Amimori began his career as a composer/arranger of classical and contemporary music as a student and presented many works from chamber music to orchestral music. His orchestral graduation work was purchased by Tokyo University of Arts and his score is permanently preserved at the university art museum. In recent years, he has expanded his overall activities from pop music to sound art, producing works and performing in various expressive forms, also producing music for commercials and television programs. In addition, he is actively engaged in collaborative works, intermittently creating works with many artists regardless of genres such as Marihiko Hara, Shun Owada and Hideki Umezawa.

Representative works are Drunkly Jet Addiction (chamber music work, Tokyo Opera City, 2013), SONASILE (1st album, PROGRESSIVE FOrM, 2016), Attack on Listening (orchestral work, NHK-FM, 2018), PataMusic (2nd album, noble, 2018). Representative video work is Musica Piccolino (music production, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, 2017-). Representative exhibition is Broken Silencer (sound installation at MOT Satellite 2017 FALL, Tokyo, 2017).


2018 : PataMusic (noble)
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