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A solo project by a male Tokyoite.
Released his first album, “accidental tourist” in July 2009 only 3 years after starting piano and composition. Since then he has released 4 albums and several EPs.
Serph's first concert after debuting, held in January 2014, was a huge sold out success packed with people.
Serph is scheduled to release his updated best hits collection “PLUS ULTRA” in July 2016.

Serph also acts as Reliq, his alter-ego which focuses exclusively on edgier dance music, and as a track maker of N-qia which is duo with a female vocalist Nozomi.


2009:accidental tourist (elegant disc) 
2010:vent (noble) 
2011:Heartstrings (noble)
2011:Winter Alchemy (noble) *winter mini-album
2013:el esperanka (noble)
2014:Event Horizon (noble) *digital EP
2014:Spring Filed EP (noble) *digital EP
2015:Hyperion Suites (noble)
2016:PLUS ULTRA (noble) *updated best album


2010:"SONGS OF TWILIGHT" (p*dis) ...inc. a whim (new mastering version)
2010:"Forma.3.10" (PROGRESSIVE FOrM) ...inc. scenery
2011:"Invisible Folklore" (noble) ...inc. Departure


2010:Ken Hirai "Ura Uta Baka" (DefSTAR) ...inc. Pain (Serph Remix)
2011:STAR GUiTAR "Blind Carbon Copy” (Cluster Sounds)  ...inc. Kimi wa Sniper (Serph Remix)
2011:MimiCof "Rundskipper” (PROGRESSIVE FOrM)  ...inc. Pulled Up (Serph Remix)
2011:Ferri "A broken carousel” (kilk records)  ...inc. Secret longing (Serph Remix)
2011:bonobos "Go Symphony!” (blues interactions)  ...inc. Go Symphony! (Serph Remix)
2011:VA "Cafe SQ” (SQUARE ENIX)  ...inc. Rose of May (Serph Remix)
2012:→Pia-no-jaC← "jaCked!” (jaCked Record)  ...inc. blue moon (Serph Remix)
2012:Applicat Spectra "Spectacle Orchestra” (A-sketch)  ...inc. Kamisama no Sumika (Serph Remix)
2012:Evade "Destroy & Dream” (kitchen.)  ...inc. Love (Serph Remix)
2012:YUKI "Watashi no Negaigoto” (EPIC)  ...inc. Watashi no Negaigoto (Serph Remix)
2012:Ryoma Maeda "FANTASTIC SUISIDE” (Virgin Babylon)  ...inc. I Want Your Joke (Serph Remix)
2012:VA "FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE~THANKS~” (SQUARE ENIX)  ...inc. Julia (Serph Remix)
2013:Mariko Goto "sound of me” (DefSTAR)  ...inc. sound of me (Serph oyasumi mix)
2013:Mariko Goto "sound of me” (DefSTAR)  ...inc. sound of me (Serph swollen mix)
2013:Schroeder-Headz "Sleepin' Birds” (PLANKTON)  ...inc. Sleepin' Birds (Serph Remix)
2016:the HIATUS "the HIATUS x MACKDADDY tee” (MACKDADDY) ...inc. Tales Of Sorrow Street (Serph folkstep mix)
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