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Born in Hiroshima, currently live in Tokyo.

In 2004, started musical activity as a solo artist.
In 2006, he released his 1st album "april.#02" on a German label, onpa.
In 2007, he released his 2nd album "program music I" on Noble.
In 2009, his third album “5 Dec.” was released on Noble. In the same year, he toured 8 cities in 3 countries across Europe including a performance at one of the world's top 3 clubs Berghain (berlin)  as well as an appearance in Germany’s largest festival, Fusion Festival 2009.
In 2010, he went on his 1st asian tour including Taiwan and Hong Kong.
In 2011, his 4th album "88" was released on Virgin Babylon Records. it's his 1st piano album.
In 2012, he toured Taiwan and Russia. in the same year, he released his 5th album "Re:" on Virgin Babylon Records.
In 2013, he composed music for the animation movie "The Garden of Words" (directed by Makoto Shinkai).

In addition to his own work, he acts as a composer, remixer, manipulator, mixing & mastering engineer.


2006:april.#02 (onpa) ※1st Album
2006:deep blue (onpa) ※12 inch Vinyl
2007:april.#07 (onpa) ※Remix Album
2007:program music I (noble) ※2nd Album
2009:5 Dec. (noble) ※3rd Album
2011:88 (Virgin Babylon Records) ※4th Album
2012:Re: (Virgin Babylon Records) ※5th Album


2005: Des Nevroses Pour la Saint Valentin (onpa) ...inc. travelaroundstars
2008: the silence was warm (symbolic interaction) ...inc. coto 


2006: JEAN-MICHEL "Das Ist Der Sommer" (onpa)
2007: The Peepshow Ownerz "31 June" (onpa)  
2008: speaker gain teardrop "colophon" (novel sounds) 
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